Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lack of peace

Although this is a little off topic but I thought I should say something: WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SELECT CUTTING? This is ridiculous, when I walk through public land I see young live trees cut for lumber but never harvested and dead trees are still standing because it isn’t the same quality. The clear cutting has also made for an endless sea of briers where it turns a nice leisurely walk into a very painful ordeal. It ruins that walking in the leaves to an old foundation for a farmhouse that’s in the middle of nowhere and you feel like you’re the only one that knows about it and it’s your own place. Or sitting on a cliff looking across the forest, across the valley, by yourself, it’s amazing. But clear cutting ruins this, to see a barren patch in the woods or loud machinery ruining your peace. Although the logging roads do make the walk easier.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Awwwwwww..... They're holding hands.

Iraq foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari and Syrian foreign minister Walid Muallim have now stated that ties between their countries have been repaired after more than twenty years. This alone has helped restore my faith in humanity, I hope that the peace began with these meeting with help bring more stability in Iraq though it may be na├»ve to hope so. But nonetheless, with the help of Syria this will be a giant step forward in the development of a new Iraqi government so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Do you know where I am?

Do you know where I am?
I’m lost in the crowd
Pushed one way
Shoved another
Pulled deeper in the crowd
I should have brought a map
It’s like a moral mosh pit
Everyone is yelling
Like the man in front
He’s saying things that I don’t like
But I’m still trying to be polite
Tapping on shoulders and quaintly asking “excuse me?”
But I’m not being heard
In this crowd
Of yelling
Of screaming
Of pushing and shoving
But I’m still here
Still being polite
Though not being heard I think I’ll keep trying
Until the noise starts dying
Maybe then I’ll be heard
Instead of tapping on shoulders
Trying to get to the head of the crowd
To talk to the man in front
About the things he says
And the things he does
Without yelling
Without screaming
Without pushing or shoving
Just being polite.

Monday, November 06, 2006

A spout of anger

All right, now I’m becoming impatient. The other night I was at work, listening to the radio when a political ad comes on. It consisted of a right wing man (whom of which had the worst country bumpkin accent I have ever heard) come out and criticize the left wing candidate for supporting gay marriage, saying that first it will be gays, then lesbians, then pedophiles. Then, (this is what I really have a problem with), he brought it to religion, stating that gays threaten the sanctity of marriage and that we need to keep it the way God meant it be: one man, one woman. Then he went on the spree that it was Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve, and it was Romeo and Juliet; not Romeo and Julio, (what Shakespeare has to do with the bible, I don’t know).

But I guess what really gets my goat is when the deity that I personally choose to believe in is used in order to not only excuse, but also back fascism. It may say in the bible that it is wrong but people don’t realize how much was added during the dark ages by the roman catholic church in order to control the population, but one thing in the Bible that stands true, something that dates back to the original scriptures is that we are all sinners, all equal and should be held equal in this world may we be judged in the next. And to add insult to injury religion is not even supposed to be part of the governmental process.

Note that these are my own personal beliefs and it is not my intention to impress them upon any of you for fear that I may be bludgeoned to death by a large blunt object.