Wednesday, February 14, 2007

24! Everybody loves it.

I followed the first season of Fox’s hit show 24. I thought the concept was interesting and that the drama was appropriate and well played out, I also, being a fan of Kiefer Sutherland, approved of the acting. The following seasons left me in the dust and after the 4th season (I believe it’s the fourth season, I’m not sure) I am completely lost but to no avail, a recent viewing of the episode disappointed me: obviously Islamic men (TERRORISTS!!) playing the antagonists and a poorly aimed gunfight at every climax. Now in the first season you didn’t know who the bad guy/girl was, probably in the cubical next to you; that’s drama. One more amazing thing is that the show didn’t need violence to be good, just the anticipation of violence, running up stairs two at a time, flinging the door open and proclaiming “Ha Ha, caught you Mildred!” But the show has become what every other Fox viewer wants: a bad Steven Segal-esque propaganda movie with another one-man army.

The show has come under fire recently by non-other than the US military for 24’s casual use of torture to gain information for the show’s antagonists. Luckily the show’s star: Kiefer Sutherland denoted the show’s use of torture saying that it is both unethical and ineffective. My opinion is that sue of torture is wrong in any situation no matter what the situation and every man/woman/undecided that gets arrested and accused in this war or any war has a right to a fair and ethical trail and places like Guantanimo bay should be outlawed (even though they technically are already). The way I see it is that Timothy McVey got a fair trail, perhaps because he was white, Christian, and right-wing ExtremoFascist. And he targeted a DAY-CARE CENTER!! That’s what I have to say so now I’m gonna put my two cents in.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Saving Bush's Legacy.... With Reading!

And no, It's not My Pet Goat.
Presidential libraries have provided magnificent, informative, and well-biased information ever since F.D. Roosevelt started the first one back in the day. In an effort to save his supposed legacy, Mr. Bush has proposed to have his library at the Southern Methodist University. Protesting has kept this project at bay because nobody apparently wants to be associated with such a legacy, this makes sense because even though all the presidential documents being held in these other libraries is free to be viewed by anyone, George is restricting access to many of the files labeling them top-secret yet still putting them in the library. Why would you create a library where many of the papers are not allowed to be read, built on a legacy that mislead into a war with no end, ruined our world image, and destroyed our economy. But oh well, I’m just gonna sit back, put my feet up, watch how this turns out. I’ve got plenty of time.