Thursday, December 21, 2006

Generation Gap

It seems to be that every older generation looks down on every younger generation. Perhaps due to lack of wisdom even though the elder once suffered the same lack. At times I feel as though I have been here longer than the rest of my generation, because of that I look down on them. Not necessarily because of more experience, but because I’ve heard enough stories in my time to have a good idea. Though there are members of my generation who have more experience and are wiser than the rest, I find these people interesting and they make for good company. I look down on the majority of its members for their “I don’t care” attitude. They take the future itself, an enormous power, and wield it like a child who’s found his father’s gun. Now I ask myself, “Did the generation before me have the same attitude?” or is ours simply unique in its lack of consideration for anytime but the now. This leads me to be ambitious to see what leaders will arise; will they have the same attitude? Will they only shrug their shoulders and turn on the television, and wait for someone else to shape the world. In this time, old policies are falling, leaving the canvas clean for us to make the first swipe with a brush or line with a pencil; but everyone needs to make their mark and spread their colors so that we are all represented. We can change the world, all I’m asking is that you help.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

People v.s. Persons

I can get along with a person
But I can’t stand people.
A person is smart…
Most of the time.
People are stupid…
And mean…
Most of the time.
If I ever dislike a person
Its because they exude a quality that I share
But would like to rid myself of
And if I ever enjoyed the company of a person
Its because they exude qualities
That I would like to aspire to
People have a habit
That as people
They try to find reasons why they deserve a resource
More than another people
Even if they have no hope of obtaining or retaining said resource
Or have no use for it
And yet people are seen as the greater good
A singular person is what holds the potential to be the greater good
But it’s easier for a people
Because the collective potential is easier to wield
Though sometimes irrationally
He who deems himself leader wields it
So that the leaders personality is conducting the people
His people
Like puppets
He is able to take on its power
Its responsibility
As well as its credit
Whilst a person
Is in charge of their own potential
And claims its own credit
And its own responsibility
Lest it be more effortBut there is no limit short of time.