Thursday, December 07, 2006

People v.s. Persons

I can get along with a person
But I can’t stand people.
A person is smart…
Most of the time.
People are stupid…
And mean…
Most of the time.
If I ever dislike a person
Its because they exude a quality that I share
But would like to rid myself of
And if I ever enjoyed the company of a person
Its because they exude qualities
That I would like to aspire to
People have a habit
That as people
They try to find reasons why they deserve a resource
More than another people
Even if they have no hope of obtaining or retaining said resource
Or have no use for it
And yet people are seen as the greater good
A singular person is what holds the potential to be the greater good
But it’s easier for a people
Because the collective potential is easier to wield
Though sometimes irrationally
He who deems himself leader wields it
So that the leaders personality is conducting the people
His people
Like puppets
He is able to take on its power
Its responsibility
As well as its credit
Whilst a person
Is in charge of their own potential
And claims its own credit
And its own responsibility
Lest it be more effortBut there is no limit short of time.


L.A.tentIntent said...

Absolutely love it.

Tamra Jennell said...

You know in many ways I agree with you. You are a smart boy. or as my parents would say "that Jake Leis is a good kid. I like him and you should too." not that I dont. They are just crazy LOL. Later,
Tamra Jennell

Mr. K said...

I'm envious of your writing ability. It's much harder to use fewer words to communicate a message than to use many words.

Your message is a powerful one. People do things in a crowd they would never do alone. People hide behind other people's thoughts because they're afraid or unwilling to share their own. People are afraid to be who they are.