Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This is possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Mr. Cheney came out and stated that the recent violence in Iraq was the result of Islamic insurgents trying to influence the American people to vote Democrat, saying that they’re trying to “break the will of the American people”.

The truth of the situation is that this has been one of the most violent months in the war and will be yet another staple in the upcoming mid term elections but I think what they fail to see is that the Islamic holy month, Ramadan, just ended on the 23rd so do think that this may be more in tune with that rather than the elections? Dick says no, he says that Al-Qaeda (which is a completely different faction that the insurgents so I don’t know why they got dragged into this but they did) are very interested in our election and that they use the Internet to keep base with the polls. “There isn't anything that's on the Internet that's not accessible to them. They're on it all the time. They're very sophisticated users of it” He says, as if they have some sort of terrorist MySpace. It is true that al-Qaeda uses the internet to spread propaganda which is why the Pentagon is creating a special team to “create” messages to set the record strait on news stories in a 24 loop website, sort of anti-propaganda propaganda. So remember, a vote for democrats validates the terrorist's agenda. (just kidding)

Well that’s the situation, read the BBC article http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6101178.stm, come up with an opinion and let me know.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's our resposibility.

I know I haven’t posted in a while so I going to share with you my personal thoughts on patriotism; here they are. Patriotism in a sense is loyalty to one’s country or wherever they call home, should be more the ideas that a country stands for not the concrete and dirt that it sits on. Patriotism should not be followed blindly; you are the citizens of a country and it is your obligation to see that the decisions being made are in the favor of the general population, not just people in power. Not participating in the process of government frankly because you don’t care is no excuse, government affects ALL of us and we ALL must face the consequences for its mistakes. No government should pressure you into living a certain way, or one that says disagreeing with them is unpatriotic. The government is not our country, WE are our country and it is our right and obligation make sure that everyone is held equal in our society, no matter race, beliefs, or lifestyle. Yes, I know that a society needs to be able to change over time in order to meet the needs of change but the ideas laid down of freedom and equality are universal and we need a government that no matter what the situation can still protect these. Don’t be afraid to be heard, speak your mind that’s what freedom of speech is supposed to be for.

I can still remember the first time someone asked me if I didn’t like my country. I thought about it for a while and replied, “No”. As I sit here typing wondering what the replies will be I think about where this country is headed, it’s nowhere fun. So like I said; speak up, be heard then maybe instead of the American dream it could be the American reality.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm giving up...

I’m giving up.
I’m joining the bandwagon.
This thinking, writing, typing,
It’s getting me nowhere,
I want to be stupid,
Have someone else do my thinking for me,
Like a man sitting high in a chair
With dirty hands
Right with blood
Left with oil.
The rest of the people look happy
Maybe I will be too.
The news is too complicated,
Propaganda is simple.
I like simple.
The man in the chair seems nice,
He says he had to get his hands dirty…
… For or freedom.
Because the bad people will come
If he leaves his chair.
The propaganda says that I need to help,
By also getting my hands dirty,
For the sake of patriotism.
The propaganda says that if I don’t agree with him then I am helping the bad people.
That’s simple.
I like simple.
The man in the chair follows an old book,
He says I should follow the old book too,
If I don’t then I’m helping the bad people.
That’s simple too.
I like the bandwagon.
It’s simple,
Simple is nice.
You should join with me.
It would make the man in the chair happy.
Then he doesn’t have to make his hands dirtier.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We are all immigrants...... or at least our ancestors were.

In the last few years’ immigration has been a rather big deal. The accusation that immigrants come here to steal our jobs and take our welfare, first of all, America has preached itself to be a land of opportunity, of jobs, of freedom and even the people who come here legally get treated like dirt. The jobs they take are because they need to support themselves and possibly their families and usually they are jobs that the bourgeoisie American middle and upper class think they are “too good” to do. I mean, would you work in a slaughterhouse if you had the choice? Probably not, but it’s good money if you know what you’re doing; the thing is, it’s dirty work.

I don’t have sympathy for illegal immigrants though; I feel that if you must come into this country, do so legally. I guess I do feel some sorrow in that they were unable to do it initially legal. In retrospect, they’re not all here to steal ours jobs, take our welfare, and sell drugs. They’re here to earn money doing the things you probably don’t want to do, raise a family, and live the American dream; but that’s the problem: it’s the American dream, not the American reality. Let’s work to make it so, because if you think back all our ancestors were immigrants, even if you’re American Indian your ancestors migrated from Asia during the Ice Age.

My ancestors came from Norway and Germany, where did yours come from?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foley "cover-up"

Well, I guess I had to post about it sometime, the Mark Foley e-mail scandal. Now this has been a main subject in the news for a while because of its importance to with its effect on midterm elections. I’m afraid though that if it weren’t so close to elections it would have been covered up like it supposedly was for the last 3 years, which is why, republican house leader Dennis Hastert is under fire now because he was believed to have known about it all that time. Mr. Foley’s former chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, made the allegations saying that he had warned Hastert of such behavior at that time. Hastert defended himself stating that he had no idea of what Foley was doing and Mr. Bush defended the statement after criticizing Foley for his actions, which I think was perfectly warranted, in fact, I think that it was the only warranted thing Mr. Bush has done in the last 2 years.

Mr. Foley resigned on Friday after admitting to the illicit e-mail conversations with a 16 year old boy and said that he had been molested as a teenager. He was one of the main representatives for the caucus of missing and exploited children, which is sad because he claimed to care about the safety of children and then this happens.

It’s sad that this had to happen for the Democratic party to get a foothold in this election but maybe a Democratically controlled congress, so something might come out this.

Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kinky Friedman for governor!!!!!!

I read a story this morning about Kinky Friedman, the Jewish country singer turned detective novelist who is running for governor in Texas. Personally, think sounds like a reality TV show but that’s just my opinion. Anyhow, yeah, it’s weird.

This surprisingly left-wing candidate wrote such wonderful songs, as “They don’t make Jews like Jesus anymore”. I think would be good for Texas then, possibly, the country because we need an unconventional leader for these unconventional times. He takes pride in his habit for being politically incorrect and for supporting the separation between church and state. “I’m not afraid to offend people,” he says. Let’s hope not, in this time we can’t be worried about niceties, but we can still have a sense of humor because that’s what separates us from our enemies: extremists, is a sense of humor. So what I’m saying is let’s rest the right wing, because they’re getting full of themselves, and lets fly with the left and if Texas starts it off; lets face it, it will be a big blow to the right wing theocracy.

In conclusion, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Kinky can get into office, and I hope my fellow left-wingers will do the same. I’m still laughing.

read the whole story at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/5393522.stm

Tell me your thoughts.