Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's our resposibility.

I know I haven’t posted in a while so I going to share with you my personal thoughts on patriotism; here they are. Patriotism in a sense is loyalty to one’s country or wherever they call home, should be more the ideas that a country stands for not the concrete and dirt that it sits on. Patriotism should not be followed blindly; you are the citizens of a country and it is your obligation to see that the decisions being made are in the favor of the general population, not just people in power. Not participating in the process of government frankly because you don’t care is no excuse, government affects ALL of us and we ALL must face the consequences for its mistakes. No government should pressure you into living a certain way, or one that says disagreeing with them is unpatriotic. The government is not our country, WE are our country and it is our right and obligation make sure that everyone is held equal in our society, no matter race, beliefs, or lifestyle. Yes, I know that a society needs to be able to change over time in order to meet the needs of change but the ideas laid down of freedom and equality are universal and we need a government that no matter what the situation can still protect these. Don’t be afraid to be heard, speak your mind that’s what freedom of speech is supposed to be for.

I can still remember the first time someone asked me if I didn’t like my country. I thought about it for a while and replied, “No”. As I sit here typing wondering what the replies will be I think about where this country is headed, it’s nowhere fun. So like I said; speak up, be heard then maybe instead of the American dream it could be the American reality.

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Mr. K said...

There seems to be a disconnect in our country about how ordinary citizens view our government. Instead of feeling as though they are a part of it, most citizens feel as though the government is this separate kind of entiity that they have no control over.

The result is apathy. Why vote is no change will come of it? Why speak out when your voice is not heard? Why become involved? The answer, of course, is a simple one. Because it's our obligation of citizens of this country to become invovled. To understand and to know that if we want change to happen, it's up to us.

The challenge today is that the information we get seems to be biased. The news media espouses a point of view that many times has little to do with fact and more to do with ratings. The politicians seem more concerned about being reelected than they do about listening to the concerns of their constituents. Money seems to be what drives our government. Not what is in the best interest of the citizens as a whole. Not what might be the best choice for our country in the future.

Our country seems to be more polarized than ever before. Consensus and compromise and a willingness to listen to other points of view seem to be out of fashion. How will change happen? It will happen with a single person and a single voice. And when enough single people and single voices begin to speak out and become one voice change, real change can happen.

This country, with all its faults, is still the best country on Earth. I'm not sure that's appreciated. Maybe patriotism is out of fashion. Maybe it's being confused with arrogance. These are polarizing times we live in. Times of clear right and clear wrong. Of black and white and no shades of grey. Trouble is, life isn't black and white and right and wrong. It's shades of gray. It's messy and exciting and frustrating and wonderful.

And it all begins with a single voice.