Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm giving up...

I’m giving up.
I’m joining the bandwagon.
This thinking, writing, typing,
It’s getting me nowhere,
I want to be stupid,
Have someone else do my thinking for me,
Like a man sitting high in a chair
With dirty hands
Right with blood
Left with oil.
The rest of the people look happy
Maybe I will be too.
The news is too complicated,
Propaganda is simple.
I like simple.
The man in the chair seems nice,
He says he had to get his hands dirty…
… For or freedom.
Because the bad people will come
If he leaves his chair.
The propaganda says that I need to help,
By also getting my hands dirty,
For the sake of patriotism.
The propaganda says that if I don’t agree with him then I am helping the bad people.
That’s simple.
I like simple.
The man in the chair follows an old book,
He says I should follow the old book too,
If I don’t then I’m helping the bad people.
That’s simple too.
I like the bandwagon.
It’s simple,
Simple is nice.
You should join with me.
It would make the man in the chair happy.
Then he doesn’t have to make his hands dirtier.


Jake_L_974 said...

It's not what I usually write, I know, but i felt like being creative.

L.A.tentIntent said...

Brilliant Jake. Luv ya man *peace sign*

more Na than you said...

Nice work! Powerful stuff poetry...

Here's one I did a while ago when the Draft was threatened at the start of "Iraqi Freedom"

Mommy, why’s Daddy being so silly?
Is it because he is happy?
Is it because he has had some yucky yellow?
Is he silly because he is so in love with the world and me and you?

Mommy why is Daddy so quiet?
Is it because the helicopters and airplanes make it hard to speak?
Is he silent because he forgets that we aren’t in a library?

Mommy why doesn’t Daddy take me to the park anymore?
He just sits there staring at the television.
Is the man on there telling him something important?
Are the man and Daddy friends?

Mommy why is Daddy crying?
He is all grown up ain’t he?

Mommy why are you crying?
Did you skin your knee?

Mommy why’s daddy packing?
Is he going far away?
When will he be back?
And why can’t he stay?

Mommy where is daddy?
Why hasn’t he called?
Why hasn’t he wrote?
Does he love us anymore?

Mommy why are these men at the door?
Are they you’re friends?
They don’t seem very nice.
They look sad.
You look sad.

Mommy why are you crying
Mommy where’s Daddy?
Mommy can you hear me?
Mommy stop crying.
Mommy what’s wrong?

Mommy why isn’t Daddy moving?
Is he sleeping?
He must be tired from his trip.
Hope he wakes up soon.

Mommy why isn’t Daddy coming back?

Mommy where is Heaven?
Is it far?
When can we go to Heaven?
I really miss Daddy.

Mommy who shot Daddy?
Why was Daddy over there?

Mr. K said...

Not much to say here Jake. This is one great piece of writing. Sometimes, the fewer words we use, the more powerful our message becomes.

MHanson said...

I like this kind of stuff from you. I think you are more creative in your everyday writing that you give yourself credit for. Keep up the good work.

L.A.tentIntent said...

Pats for Jake!

Tamra Jennell said...

Well Jake, Its good, and I really like it. Sometimes I just write poetry because its the best way to really say what I want. And to Nate- that is good too, it really does capture the feeling. Good job to you both.