Thursday, February 08, 2007

Saving Bush's Legacy.... With Reading!

And no, It's not My Pet Goat.
Presidential libraries have provided magnificent, informative, and well-biased information ever since F.D. Roosevelt started the first one back in the day. In an effort to save his supposed legacy, Mr. Bush has proposed to have his library at the Southern Methodist University. Protesting has kept this project at bay because nobody apparently wants to be associated with such a legacy, this makes sense because even though all the presidential documents being held in these other libraries is free to be viewed by anyone, George is restricting access to many of the files labeling them top-secret yet still putting them in the library. Why would you create a library where many of the papers are not allowed to be read, built on a legacy that mislead into a war with no end, ruined our world image, and destroyed our economy. But oh well, I’m just gonna sit back, put my feet up, watch how this turns out. I’ve got plenty of time.


Ms. Smith said...

If this Presidency weren’t so ridiculously sad and costly, in so many ways, I would bet that these papers would prove to be quite comical.

Tamra Jennell said...

I think once again, that Bush is taking care of our country the best way he knows how. If he is so bad and doing such a bad job get off your butt and try it for yourself. And if you dont like him turn to your fellow adult americans and thank them to put him in. He didnt get all those votes from one person. Plain and simple let the man do his job, go talk about and anger the Plummer.

Jake_L_974 said...

If I were 35 I would run for president and try to change the country but doesn't it bother you that the methods he use to get reelected perverted the deaths of americans on september 11 and used his own form of terrorism to basically say that if democrats were elected we would be attacked again. Now explain yourself, pose an argument.

Tamra Jennell said...
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Tamra Jennell said...

Wait Wait, you did not just say that bush had anything to do with 9/11, wow, honestly Jake. That was becasue some kids parents thought that he was an angel and never cared to take that kid out behind the barn. Okay so some phsyco, comes and kills americans all of a sudden its bushs fault. NO! And He was right, I honestly feel that if/when another democrat comes in we can kiss our country goodbye because we are going to pull a clinton and tuck our tails and run insted of facing the world head on. I am sorry I have yet to see good things come from a Democratic president. And to be honest I feel you couldnt do any better. I am not sure you would run, "if" so you are not sure about your dreams?
if a frog had wings he would bumb his butt when he hopped.

Jake_L_974 said...

I didn't say that Bush had anything to do with the attack, although he could've prevented it (August 8th, 2001 Presidential daily briefing. Look it up.). I'm saying that he and that heartless piece of excrement, Karl Rove. Used their deaths as a way to scare the american public, which is, in it's true definition, terrorism. Your becoming a regular right-wing spin doctor, just slow down when you read my blog so that it is not misinterpreted. Take a social stand-back and look past the noise machine, are we really in a good situation?

Mr. K said...

I've not been a fan of this war from the start and don't feel I'm any less patriotic because of it. That what makes me angry. The notion that I can't disagree with a decision I don't think was well thought out without being considered less patriotic than those who did support the decision.

I think Americans are angry right now because they don't feel as though they were treated honestly and respectfully. They don't feel as though their voices were heard. They don't feel as though they were treated like adults, but rather like young children who are told that adults know best. That was President' Bush's biggest error.

While the final decision to go to war was the President's, Congress provided the funding. True, they took the intelligence reports at face value, why wouldn't they? Still, with a war at stake, I wonder why they didn't ask harder questions. Why they didn't remember that the executive, legislative, and judicial branch share equal power. They seem to think of themselves as subservient to the executive branch. Maybe September, 11th had something to do with that.

As for the arguement that we put him there, that could be debated. Some would argue that we didnt elect him, the Supreme Court did. Still, he's the President and the shame is that it took American's so long to ask hard questions of him and our senators and our representatives and of ourselves. Thankfully, that seems to be happening now.

My hope is that Republicans and Democrats can come together and stop posturing and start building a concensus and start trusting that the American public is smart and informed and worth listening too. We shouldn't tolerate anything less. We should insist on fewer soundbites and more substantive debate. We should insist on making sure our government provides all the support it can to keep our troops as safe as we can.

I can't comment on the restricted access to his files, because I don't know the legal aspects of that decision. They could be classified and so, it would be in the best interests of the country to restrict access to them.