Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Corporate Greed

Now this is amazing.

Bad amazing.

Guess what! Cure for cancer! But not for you, why? Because there’s no one to sell it to you. The drug is called dichloroacetate and it is able to distinguish between normal and cancerous cells by whether or not the cell’s mitochondrion is functioning. When a cell mutates and becomes cancerous the mitochondria stop working and shift the job of producing energy to glycolysis, which is less effective and has more waste. The drug stimulates the dormant mitochondria and the cell bursts causing tumors to shrink and die.

Why isn’t this in front page news? The Canadian-found drug has no patent and is so cheap and effective that drug companies refuse to sell it because they wont turn a profit. This is ridiculous, more ridiculous than nearly everything I’ve ranted about before and it’s why I find people disgusting. Greed, greed, greed, money, money, money. If Kenneth Lay were still alive even he’d be in disgust, maybe Dennis Koslowski too. (For those that don’t know they were the CEO’s of Enron and Tyco) Well, I hope the money they saved is well spent because the amount of effort it must of took to fight their conscience sure earned it. Save millions of lives with a cure for cancer and you pass it up to keep your pockets full. Good job.


EoLhC said...

Wow... There is absolutly no excuse for that! Wow.

Anonymous said...

You Finally Posted.

Ms. Smith said...

The big drug companies

USA Pfizer

USA Bristol-Myers Squibb

Uk GlaxoSmithKline

France Sanofi-Aventis

Switzerland Novarkus

Switzerland Hoffmann-LaRoche

USA Merck

And so on, have bought up new information on everything.

They have an army of lobbyist that keep prices up and cures at bay.

Yes you are right. It should be on the front page and it makes me crazy also.

I wonder if these drugs are available to the very rich?