Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Do you know where I am?

Do you know where I am?
I’m lost in the crowd
Pushed one way
Shoved another
Pulled deeper in the crowd
I should have brought a map
It’s like a moral mosh pit
Everyone is yelling
Like the man in front
He’s saying things that I don’t like
But I’m still trying to be polite
Tapping on shoulders and quaintly asking “excuse me?”
But I’m not being heard
In this crowd
Of yelling
Of screaming
Of pushing and shoving
But I’m still here
Still being polite
Though not being heard I think I’ll keep trying
Until the noise starts dying
Maybe then I’ll be heard
Instead of tapping on shoulders
Trying to get to the head of the crowd
To talk to the man in front
About the things he says
And the things he does
Without yelling
Without screaming
Without pushing or shoving
Just being polite.


Amanda T said...

I admire your talent Jake. I would never be able to sit there and just write something like this. And of this quality. It is amazing. It is really cool how so many students at this school have this amazing talent. I truly admire it.

more Na than you said...

Yeah, Poetry For The Win!

MHanson said...

Excellent post! Did I ever say that we are glad that you are here? Well, we are.

Tamra Jennell said...

Jake you rock!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! That's cool.

Mr. K said...

Only one thing to say here Jake:

Perfection - Simply Perfection.