Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Frontline: Cheney's Law

This is a very interesting Frontline piece about Cheney's efforts and the efforts of the administration to give more power to the Executive branch, to the point where congress has no decisive power in a time of war.

Watch it here.


Mr. K said...

Interesting to say the least. When I read articles like this, it becomes very clear to me how little I know about our history and our government and our Constitution.

It's foreign to me that someone believes without question that they have the answers and the solutions to the problems that face us today. It seems almost borderline arrogant.

I wonder when it happened that those in power believe that the United States should be the moral compass of the world. That we should be the ones to decide right from wrong, moral from immoral, and good from bad. Some argue that it's a one sided view with no room for recognizing the diversity and validity of points of view that differ from our own.

I worry about that. I worry about a country that believes if you say what's on your mind, even if it differs from our President, that you are someone unpatriotic and un-American. When did that happen? When did we decide that giving up personal freedom was worth the price?

I've no answers. I try to be impartial and careful in my judgments. There's much I don't know. And still, given that, I believe we have an obligation as citizens to ask questions, to be demanding of our leaders, to have a voice about the direction our country is moving.

Someday, I hope that those in power will find a way to sit down and begin a conversation. Just talk about what they believe and what they want our world to be. It seems simple enough. And yet, it doesn't seem to be.

Molimo Maro-Sorcerer {{{CVA}}} said...

i Agree