Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fair-weather friends

It’s been an interesting summer, politically speaking. The latest incident involving Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) resigning over an illicit scandal involving him trying to have sexual relations with a male undercover police officer in an airport bathroom. His political party, the Republican Party, is not at issue here. Except the behavior, not of him, but his fellow party members in that as soon as the proverbial feces hit the fan, they immediately alienated him. We saw the same thing happen with the Mark Foley- Dennis Hastert incident. Though what Sen. Craig may have, or may have not done, nor had the intention of doing is beyond what I can judge (He originally pleaded guilty but than said that he didn’t really do anything). The rabbit hole goes much deeper than what we are seeing here, it seems to be that the party is purging itself of all that doesn’t fit its’ moral code. And this could even be parallel to the openly gay Arabic translators who were fired purely because of their sexual orientation, even when Linguists (especially Arabic) are in dire need.

I’m sorry, but when a person wants to serve their country, or has been a public servant for 30 years. You would think that their personal lives or acts (illegal or not) would not be of concern to anybody else.

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Anonymous said...

The difference is that Idaho has a Republican Governor, the others have Democratic Governors. Since a replacement would be named by the Governor....