Friday, April 11, 2008

How's everybody?

I haven't posted in a while, I know- and I apologize. But folks, you have work with me here. I need feedback people.

So my assignment to you would be to give me a short little synopsis as to your feelings on this election year so far.

Who are you supporting?

May I ask why?

If you don't really care about the election, then why are you on this blog?

All questions that need to be answered.

Also, I need a 700 word essay on why chickens have three toes, instead of four... just kidding. But yeah, that's what I need.


Tamra Jennell said...

Honestly I support McCain. If I had the opportunity to vote the 08’ election I would vote McCain, Partly because I am prejudice against the other nominees. I think senator McCain is the best fit for president, I think he is the only of the nominees that can go get the job done and really understand.

I would not even think of Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. Call me sexist against my own sex but I don’t not think we ever need a women president and especially not now. And too be honest I feel she is only trying to do this to get back at Mr. Clinton. We made the whole Clinton mistake once let’s not make it again. Women are too emotional in general. And to be honest I don’t care about her views on the issues at all I don’t care if she agreed with every word I said I would not vote for a woman.

As far as Obama hold on lets hear his name just once, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. yeah lets just vote in somebody to lead our country with a middle name like Hussein. That sounds like a great idea-NOT. I have no issues with the color of his skin or anything like that. To be honest I am surprised he had the guts to run. I think if we voted Obama that would just cause problems. We have already made Hussein mistakes once, let’s not do it again.

Jake_L_974 said...

Um... Clinton mistakes? There were mistakes? One of the largest economic surpluses in history and actually having the United States respected around the world was a mistake?

Oh wait... his personal life was all that was at issue. I remember now.

And your comments on Senator Obama's middle is still racist- you do realize that, right?

Nevermind, I stopped expecting you to make sense a long time ago.

Tamra Jennell said...

I never said I wasn't racist I said I have no problem with the color of his skin. As far as that goes I am not racist against Black people, I do not like that America was told if the terrorist could not get us with their plan (bombing our twin towers, hitting the pentagon EXC.) they would get us from within. and then somebody with the same middle name as one of America's most hated people runs for president. People do not name their kids Hitler for a reason. It sounds pretty fishy to me.

As Far as Clinton goes yeah he pretty much screwed himself over with the whole "I am going to be married and cheat on my wife and when the county that I am supposed to be leading finds out what a bad example i am setting i am going to deny it. its a great plan i know" attitude. So I do not respect the man in the least. I think he is real close to scum. He was supposed to be leading our country and setting good examples, not letting our country see what a real prick he was/is.

And just because you see no sense in what I say and think does not mean it does not make sense to other people. just because you don't understand somebody's point of view does not mean that they do not make sense it just means you need to take a little more time to think and try a little harder to understand or you need to not comment about it, I understand its you that does not.

Triarch Mistbane {{{CVA}}} said...
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Triarch Mistbane {{{CVA}}} said...

I'm not much of a Political Person... but ill do my best.... i'm not racist or sexist its just i don't believe that any of the candidates Especially Hillary... i mean i think its great that we are going to have a Black/Woman as a President it will be a Break Through for us all it just i don't think either of them are Worthy enough to take the Title.

Hippie, Sr. said...

There was a time I would have voted for McCain- before he sold his soul to Jesus. He was a maverick once. He didn't tow the party line. Lately he has demonstrated his willingness to do anything, and use anyone's support to gain the Presidency. He's an old man, stuck in his ways, with a loss of open-minded perspective. We don't need someone to carry on the Bush Legacy. Economy and the people first. Enough of war.
I have to admit, tho; a part of me hopes he wins because there are still too many people in this once great country of ours who haven't learned the lesson yet.