Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not Dead!

Though I doubt there are too many readers of this blog anymore.

I'm just letting the readers know how I'm doing and that college is going great. I've kind of dropped out of politics for a while, well not really, but I'm trying to tone things down. So political news will come later, but I'm worried about my blood pressure and the VP nomination of Palin just about gave me a coronary.

So, once again, later.

But I would like to know how everyone is doing so please let me know, and in the mean time, have a good one.


Mr. K said...

You're back! I never use an exclamation point and yet I just did. You not discuss politics? What's that about? Especially now that the economy is in such dire straits. I'm betting that your hiatus is short lived.

Things are going well here. We're in that beginning of the year rush to get projects up and running and to help new students become familiar with the school culture. We have about 20 new students so it's a big task. They're eager and anxious and that helps.

Keep us up to date on your college experience, and don't be afraid to share what's on your mind. We'll be reading so you just keep writing.

Mr. Geiwitz said...

It is good to hear from you. Keep pushing the envelope for the readers and keep posting for us to read.

Jake_L_974 said...

Well, I'm certainly happy that I still have readers.

I guess I shouldn't say that I've dropped out of politics (I joined college-dems the first week here), but I imagine that it would be good for me to lay low for a while, speaking as a pundit. That, and I work for the campus radio station now and I have to at least come off as neutral.

Shadow's Keeper said...

Dude! You're back! Now I have yet another site to keep tabs on. Welcome back, sir.