Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Divine Patience

Now here's something that's really cool, it's called Buddhist Sand Art, and what they do is make an entire mural out of individual grains of sand.

This is a small one.

This is constructed grain by dyed grain.

Then when they're done the simply sweep it up.

And ceremoniously dump it in a river.
I think that the amount of patience that this requires is amazing, and watching things like this only cause me to have more respect for other cultures. I had the privilege of watching an extremely large one be constructed in Minneapolis.


MHanson said...

Its all about mindfulness and letting go. They are supposed to practice being mindful during the entire process (actually every moment of every day). No outside thoughts, no words, no other actions.

Then, when they are done with this beautiful piece of art, it is swept away. This is to remind them that nothing lasts forever. One should let go of all possesions and attachments to "things". All of this is part of their spiritual path.

Quite a process. It is very hard to do, especially for those of us in the west.

EoLhC said...

Wow. I wish I had the paitence but sadly enough I don't. It's really cool though. It's beautiful also.

Anonymous said...

That's cool

Cva Bunney said...

Pretty..... its all shiny Some one douse Oil and light it on fire to get my attention.

The penguin said...

*Squack* how... bu... huh?? that would create alot of stress if u mess up *Squack*