Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Land of the Free

Gitmo makes me frustrated. This administration makes me frustrated. The American people, whom are allowing this to happen, make me frustrated. How can we be considered a free country and be seen as which by the rest of the world if places like this exist. There are 385 detainees being held in Guantanimo bay, only 10 of whom have been accused of an actual crime, and they have no chance of asking for an appeal or questioning their imprisonment as the Supreme Court has just ruled. That means 375 people have been kidnapped and imprisoned and tortured for no reason known to them or to us for that matter, for five years. Now I honestly want to know what someone on the other side of the debate feels about this, how can the apparent “Land of the Free” do this to other human beings, is it simply out of paranoia?

Really. Honestly. Tell me, do you really want to be safe if these are the methods used to make you so? Is this justified?


MHanson said...

You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

- Jack Nicholson (A Few Good Men)

Blind Patriot said...

I think this is a necessary sacrifice we need to make to win the War On Terror. I for one trust my government enough to put innocent non-American lives at risk for the greater good. This is really a non-issue. All this alleged wrong doing set up by the liberal media to make our president look like some sort of war criminal. You disgust me. We are trying to win a war here and you dare to question our Commanders In Chief’s motives? Very disappointing. From what I hear those prisons aren’t even that bad. The tortures either. Just let our President do his job and shut your yapper.

Mr. K said...

This kind of thing isn't all that new and unusual. Because of the media, we learn more about these things than we did in the past.

But history has a way of repeating itself. Sometimes we need to make mistakes over again before we learn the lesson they were meant to teach us.

During World War II, Congress and our President decided that Japanese Americans were a danger to us. Now I'm talking about American citizens some who were born here. So, our government decided to round them up and put them in internment camps. Not just a few. All of them. Businessmen and teachers and barbers and housewives and children. Not because of what they did. But because of who they were.

I look back and wonder how we could have let that happen. How could we think it was okay to take people out of there homes and take away their livelihoods and take away they things and then take them someplace far away from home to live?

And now it's happening again. How can that be? Are we so afraid of losing our freedom that we're willing to give up someone else's. It seems so.

Giving up freedom to get freedom.
Is there any sense there? If there is, I can't see it.