Monday, April 30, 2007

I Still Have Questions

Marching Christian soldiers
Making war for God
War on God
Brutal Crusade


He is on our side
After all…

Leave me alone. Why must people who call themselves Christian feel like they’re forced to take sides? I’m not a crusader, and I won’t give the church credit for my actions: good or bad.
I find myself struggling to find faith without falling into the blind following that I scorn so often. If violence is wrong than why is this war excusable among the “good Christian folk” in the GOP? Pro-life and Pro-death penalty, contradictory?

I’m lost…

I’m apparently supposed to demean Muslims, Homosexuals, Atheists, Occult, and those who question it. WELL, I QUESTION IT!!! If the path to eternal bliss consists of this, than I don’t want it.

I want nothing from this.

I have to be a good person for Christianity. I’d rather be a good person for myself, and not out of fear of divine retribution.

The Ten Commandments are urged to be posted everywhere, yet these people ignore the Beatitudes; you know:

The meek shall "inherit the earth".
The merciful shall "obtain mercy".
The pure of heart shall "see God".
The peacemakers shall be "the children of God".
Very few “good Christian folk” that I know can claim these titles. Why? Because the message has been lost, and forever shall be.
OK, I’m done.

Please do your best to help me out here.


Ziggy*Blu said...

That's just it, you can't get that kind of help from others and go by it. You have to figure it out for yourself, no matter how long it takes. Not enough people have the sincere ability to choose.

MHanson said...

You forgot another beatitude:

"Can't we all just get along?"

14 1 20 8 1 14 said...

Well, being an agnostic, all I can tell you is that try to stay away from organized religion. It’s a great way to feel a part of something, but people’s drama, politics, and messed up idea’s of morals get in the way of the spiritual path that the organization is there to reinforce. Go your own way man whether it’s Jesus, Mohammed, or one of many others you decide you have faith in. I believe that it’s better for someone to find their own path to spiritual harmony than to listen to the proclamations of others. What ever touches your soul, go with it and pay no mind to the hypocritical and self-devouring “religions” of others. I mean that in no way a slam towards any faith just stating my outlook on things.

Amanda T said...

I am stuck in the same situation. I don't know how I feel totally. I don't agree with so much, but the church pushes it on you. I don't know

The penguin said...

*Squack* the reason why they have the in god we trust and children of god is to convert you to religon so you vote republican... but what do i know im just a penguin... *Squack*