Friday, April 20, 2007

In Regards To...

Good morning everyone, or good afternoon if it just so happens you’re reading this in the afternoon. Well I figure I’d better post about something.

I suppose you may be wondering why I didn’t post on the VT tragedy, one reason: this blog is either about politics or social irreverence, to associate the tragedy with such would be degrading the value of those poor lives lost. This is not a political issue nor should it ever be and I condemn anyone who uses it as such. So any debate about the 2nd amendment or “zero tolerance policies”, I think should be done without reference to this.

Comments on Universal Satire have been unfortunately scarce, please don’t be hesitant to share your opinion, just be respectful and play nice for Christ’s sake. And if any one has a topic that they would like to discuss, please E-mail me or post it yourself.

If anyone is also offended by “Conservative Jake” or any of my posts, please let me know.

Thank you.


Nathan The Audacious said...

Whoa... I dude your HTML is squirting out at me fix that...

Yeah I agree with you on the VT shooting and this blog being as far away from each other as they can. That's the way it should be what those poor souls need right now is rest and those event's were in no way political so it's cool if we don't talk about it.

And about the "commentage" It has been scarce on I Hate Wednesday too. I think we may have alienated ourselves with our emotionally charged posts and over intellectualizing the events within the subject. Still it wouldn’t kill anyone to speak up and comment. No opinion is wrong and no voice should go unheard. Seriously people seize this opportunity to reflect on your government’s current state of affairs don’t just sit by idly waiting for something to happen. Speak out, branch out… “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Nathan The Audacious said...

See this is what he's talking about... it's been what 4 days since he posted and I am the only person who has commented... sad, people...sad.

(p.s: You're html is still stabbing my sight receptors)

Mr. K said...

Okay, rest yourself. I've not been alienated by any postings. I've just been busy. A very lame excuse I know, but it's the best I've got right now.

Life has a way of getting ahead of me sometimes. I open my eyes and it's Monday and before I know it it's Friday and I wonder what happened. And so, I don't post. Always intending to do it tomorrow. Always intending to say what's on my mind to see what you'll think of it. Always intending to do better. And still, I don't.

Change comes slowly. Habits can be tough to break. So, I promise to do my best and reform. I'll read. I'll reflect. I'll comment.

As for the VT shooting, how can you make sense of a senseless act? It's futile to try. Why does the media have so hard a time figuring that out?