Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bush, his back, and a wall

President Bush is once again defending himself in a UN meeting against allegations that his methods in the middle were only making the situation worse. He defended himself by saying “This argument rests on a false assumption- that the Middle East was stable to begin with.” Wait, what? Just because a situation isn’t perfect doesn’t mean you can’t make it worse, which he has. An Iraqi public poll stated that the quality for an average citizen was better under Hussein then under the occupation. People, we need to wake up, how can a country who would rather watch American Idol than the news and only about 30% of us participate in the democratic process preach democracy to the rest of the world? It’s a shame.
Mr. Bush also spoke of the Iran nuclear situation, saying, “Iran must abandon its nuclear weapon ambitions.” Now wait again, who said anything about “weapons”, Iran said and still says that their nuclear intentions are peaceful. Russia and China have been quick to put sanctions on their neighbors and it seems that the rest of the UN is complying (except for France) who seems to be the only sane one out of the bunch. Not that Iran isn’t dangerous its just that while their intentions are peaceful we should focus on the problems we already have.


Tamra Jennell said...

I agree with you in a way. We still need to think about what we are doing and what is going on with Iraq and Iran. Like I have said before we may not know what is going on maybe it is top secret. I think that we (the citizens) need to back off a little. We are so involved with this war that it must be hard for bush to do anything. And we are finding so many problems to bother him about that this war may never end now that he has to postpone it thanks to us being nosy. I realize that is human nature to be worried about our country and safety but not as much as we are. And I admit I am guilty too. I just wish we could end all of this and focus on what is really going on. But I guess we can be happy to know that in the next election we can vote and voice our opinions on a ballet.

Tamra Jennell

Jake_L_974 said...

We NEED to be invloved. We are losing family members and loved ones, so until hes over there dodging bullets and shrapnel w/ the rest of them, all i want is a reason.

Mr. K said...

The questions you pose are difficult ones. And difficult questions don't have answers that are in black and white. They are in shades of grey depending on your point of view.

There's no question that Saddam was a viscious dictator. The evidence is clear and irrefutable. Still, skeptics argue that the point of the war was not to spread democracy, but rather, to protect our oil interests. One need look no further than Africa to understand that opinion. People are being slaughtered and no one is stepping in to end the violence.

We live in an apathetic society. Why? Ironically, it could have something to do with our success.
When times are prosperous the citizery see no need to become involved and they become complacent. War seems to change that. I remember Viet Nam well. The news was full of images of young people on college campuses in protest. They were vocal and outspoken and felt that they could make a difference.

To think that Iran is developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes seems naive to me. And Russia and China have an agenda that is questionable. What approach the United States should take is the million dollar question. I have no answer.

And as for the comment about us being nosy and preventing our President from doing his job it's important to realize that our job, as responsible citizens, is to ask questions of our leaders and demand honest and truthful answers. Too many people today believe that questioning our government's motives is being unpatriotic. I contend that the opposite is true.

As Benjamin Franklin said,

"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."