Monday, September 25, 2006

Citizens open their eyes to intelligence report

The New York Times wrote that a US intelligence report that the war in Iraq is only prompting more violence from Muslim extremists worldwide. A White House spokesman said in the defense of the Bush administration that the report was “not representative of the entire document”. This makes sense because that the Bush administration is once again defending themselves from accusations, and with people in Washington walking around with shirts that say “20 January 2009” (that’s the date Mr. Bush has to give up his power) I really don’t blame them. But when they call a war the front for the War on Terror fighting there should make the situation better in the long run, to put it bluntly. Maybe they think that with enough suicidal jihads that the extremists will just run out of people but it would only be at the cost of hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent lives. So I don’t see the point in choosing a front (because WE DID choose that front) that only inspires more extremists and makes the situation worse, but once again, it brings the question back to “Are we just protecting our oil interests?” The situation is becoming ridiculous, with the illegal wire-tapping, Illegal “secret” prisons overseas, and corrupt big-business/government relations, and a frankly fascist agenda (toward homosexuals), why is this administration still in office. The only politician with the balls to stand up to them was Rush Feingold and the rest of his party buried their heads in the dirt when he did, it was infuriating. I need some coffee.

Tell me your side.


Tamra Jennell said...

Well once agian I think we need to back off. People who dont like Bush can wait until January 20, 2006 and then they might get what they want. On the other hand some coffee sounds good right now.

Mr. K said...

It's clear to me that you've strong opinions about our involvement in Iraq.

One challenge President Bush has faced that other presidents who were in office during major conflicts did not face is the ease of which people around the world can communicate with each other.

Roosevelt had many secret communications with Churchill prior to the United States entering WWII. Those communications were instrumental in Roosevelt's decision to go to war. Would that be possible today? I'm not sure.

That being said, do you believe it would be in the best interests of the United States and the world for us to leave Iraq now?
Should a war be fought based on public opinion? As I've said earlier, the answers aren't black and white. As much as we'd like simple answers, as much as many would like to go back and rethink our decision to go to war, we can't.

The thing that distrubs me a great deal is the notion those who question our involvement in this war are less patriotic than those who support our involvement. It's our responsiblity as citizens to question our leaders, to stay informed, to look beyond the sound bites that network news gives us, and form our opinions based on facts rather than emotion.

I appreciate your passion. Keep posting. I'll do my best to keep reading.

MHanson said...

I look forward to reading your blog every day. Keep up the good work.