Thursday, September 14, 2006

WooHooo, Go Poland!

In a recent NATO meeting our good friends in, surprise, Poland decided that they would be the ones to help fill the troop deficit. Of the already 100 polish ground troops, 1,000 more will be sent in but unfortunately not until February. Yet still its nice to see someone step up to help, which only makes me appreciate our friends over seas all the more because, face it, we do take them for granted and without our NATO friends we wouldn’t quite be the country we are today. Our allies do suffer a lot for our little campaigns if you recall that the first casualties of Iraqi Freedom were British troops in a helicopter that was hit with friendly fire (one our tomahawk missiles).
Although the 1,000 Polish troops will help a great deal, NATO still needs an estimated 1,500 more troops in southern Afghanistan. I guess it’s just important that we get a decision made by February, don’t ask me why that’s just what I think.

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Tamra Jennell said...

Well Poland has been a great friend of ours. I do think that something need to happen before 2007, January or February. I do agree that sometimes we ask for more than we need, we do a little more take than give but honestly that is human nature. It takes real self control not to. I guess that once again we have to have faith in some people.

MHanson said...

I can only wonder how much support we would be receiving if we weren't in Iraq. I think many times, people forget that the reasons (given by government officials) for going to Afghanistan and Iraq were different.

Keep up the good work posting thought provoking writings.

Mr. K said...

How close are we to the time when we'll ask our allies for support and they'll be forced to say no? Not because they want to but because they have to.

War is a complicated thing. It's about so much more than fighting and killing people. It's about jobs and the economy and our culture and yes, it's about politics too. Unfortunately, in these days of 30 second sound bites, the public is woefully uninformed.

And by the way, this is one great blog. You keep writing. I'll keep responding.