Monday, September 18, 2006

France and the Iran nuclear situation

Well, French president Jacques Chirac believes that the nuclear sanctions imposed on Iran are not going to work. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I agree. The nuclear sanctions will not help because Iran will not comply somewhat like a rebelling teenager. Lets face it, Iran would have just as much to lose from a war as we do and there would be no chance for a victory, and I think they realize this. In addition, if Iran states that their intentions are peaceful we should comply because you could see that there’s a difference between peaceful and violent nuclear actions such as the mining of plutonium and the test firing of missiles, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have them under a microscope because despite their stated peaceful intentions they have a very violent past. I guess what I’m saying is let’s not be quick to add another war to our campaign, lets wrap thing up in Iraq, focus on the recent violence in Afghanistan, and keep our eyes on Iran and North Korea

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Tamra Jennell said...

Wow Jake I have to say I agree. If of course they state their intentions are peaceful. But on the other hand if they want a war lets give it to them. Just my personal feelings,
Tamra Jennell

P.S. I am surprised that you did not post about Afghanistan and was happened on Friday.

Jake_L_974 said...

thats not exactly what i meant, we need to keep an open mind on the situation, what i meant was that if their intentions are otherwise their just opening up a severly irradiated can of worms

MHanson said...

I like your postings thus far. I too think we should wrap things up in Iraq (in other words, get out as quickly as possible) and Afghanistan before trying to push anyone else around.