Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bush is still in the defence.

Well once again I’m discussing the intelligence report that’s got everybody stirred up. The report that has our ‘beloved” president and the rest of the White House cornered with accusations and I’m lapping it up. The White House argues that only a portion of the report was declassified and reported on. I would have sympathy for them if there wasn’t a second intelligence report that dealt fully with the war in Iraq but will not be declassified until after the November elections, so basically they’re saying “Were not going to show you this report because I may make you mad at us… but vote for us anyway, please?” So I’m still laughing at it.
In response to Mr. Kennedy’s comment on my last post, I believe that the war in was unnecessary and a mistake and the administration needs to acknowledge that. Though I also believe that the war now is an obligation we promised these people something better and all we’ve given them is violence, and unless we change the direction that seems to be the events that will keep unfolding. We are treading on areas that we should not be treading on; I think that we are going to fix this we need to start here at home. I say this because I hear people still use terms like “towel head” and say things like “we should have just nuked them to begin with”; the amount of ignorance in this country is phenomenal, and the main reason is lack of education, its no more complicated than that. Maybe it’s a represented culture that this country has that if you aren’t Christian you don’t belong here, I say this because we live under an administration that uses the Bible as a moral guide for a multi-cultural country. Yeah, it sucks. The only thing I can think of is an obese woman sitting in a lawn chair in front of a Chevy Astro holding a little American flag while repeatedly asking “ Have you found Jesus?” and I just want to say “ No, is he in the van?”
Oh well, back to the intelligence report. Bush stated in his defense *"I think it's a mistake for people to believe that going on the offensive against people that want to do harm to the American people makes us less safe," Wait, when, prior to the war, did the “republic” of Iraq ever want to do harm to the American people. Once again, oh well.

I’m going to quit rambling for today but tell me your side of the story.

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Tamra Jennell said...

Well honestly, I do know that we had a chance to kill Sadam in the last war the gulf war, yet we did not. Once again we had a chance under Clinton, and now again under Bush. I think we have done more for Iraq under GW Bush. If you ask most Iraqi's (not towel heads) we have helped them and they like us being there. I agree honestly. And About the Report you used the word Accusations. This does not mean we have any facts to back this up. Get some. That is all I have to say, Get some Facts and come on we are america we can fight and argue if we want but it doesn't help unless we do something. Because some people lost their lives in war we can do this it's not because somebody said "no please dont mess with us we are free and we want to stay that way." NO! okay somebody reached down and grabbed what God gave them and fought to keep us free. And we will continue to do this until the end. I know I plan to, S.P in the Air Force, My dream job. So Accept it the world will end in a war get used to it.

Jake_L_974 said...

What do you mean,"Fought to keep us free." What enemy was threatening our freedom, the only thing that threatens our freedom is this 1985-esque administration in exchange for security.

L.A.tentIntent said...

"the amount of ignorance in this country is phenomenal, and the main reason is lack of education" THANK YOU! Omg that is EXACTLY right. You've put my anger (on that subject) into an arcticulate sentence.
I admit to being a Bush-hater and I'm not a Bible-thumper. A lot of times I have problems with 'em just because they like Bush. But hey, I'll be friends with anybody. The point is that Bush is a dumbface the Bush Admin. needs to WAKE UP and smell the burning rubber. Anyway..

Mr. K said...

I appreciate all of your comments. However; to have an intelligent discussion requires respect for many different points of view. Opinions are always stronger when they are grounded in fact.

I think the comments today represent a microcosm of the general public. We've become so emotionally attached to our points of view that it's difficut to consider someone else's point of view. I'm guilty of that sometimes too.

You're right of course. Education is the key. Ignorance is a dangerous thing. It's difficult to stay informed if we don't have the information we need. That's why I'm in favor of having the intelligence report released. It seems that since we've begun this war on terror, we have become a lightening rod for all those who see us as epousing our view of the world as the only correct view of the world. Many in our nation are confused and afraid. I can understand that. The way to overcome that confusion and fear is, as you mentioned, education.

I believe we are all more alike than different. All anyone in this world wants is to be respected and know that their voice has been heard. It seems such a simple thing.

pookie said...

Bush is not smart.